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Organizational Development & Transformation

If an organization is unable to effectively deliver the services desired or required by customers and consumers, that organization will not succeed. While there are as many definitions of 'success' as there are organizations, all organizations share the need to:

  • Have a clear purpose, which is understood by all the key constituencies;
  • Coordinate and manage resources - especially human resources;
  • Understand and respond effectively the organization's culture.
  • Deal effectively with conflict

These traditional managerial responsibilities become even more challenging when organizations experience mergers, oppositions, investitures, rapid growth or down sizing. The need for effective and careful Organizational Development is paramount in any environment undergoing significant change.

In addition to the external changes referred to above, organizations are frequently challenged by internal conflicts which are the inevitable consequence of environmental shift. As many managers know all too well, conflict can tear the fabric of an organization disrupting operations, damaging customer relations, damaging morale and increasing costs and turnover. While conflicts cannot be avoided, people can be taught to handle conflicts constructively, minimizing their negative effects and creating positive outcomes.

Stackpole & Associates works with its client to map out, understand, and effectively manage cultures. We deliver training and coaching for conflict management, as well as planning for and management organizational change.

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